UI feeback on Codesee

Hi there, I really like what you are doing. I was just beginning to play around with it. I have to say the onboarding and UI could be a bit improved (not bad and not easy to get right). I was confused about the intro guide. it shows for example how I can add notes to files but when I click on a file I only see the code visibility icons or the code icon.

Also aren’t there better ways to arrange the files/folders so that the connections between them seem less of a hairball (maybe it just is a hairball though).

One thing I’d love is to be able to select several files at once. You could do this like in Figma where you can press command (mac) and then click and drag a square with the mouse which then selects elements without selecting their parents. so you could select specific files without selecting the folders .

Personally I was always wondering why we can’t visualise an entire application as a state machine. Can we somehow show all possible state a system can be in? It might be what XState is doing I have not tried it yet. I’m interested in learning more about this.


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Hi @Mathias! :wave: Welcome to our community & trying CodeSee out. I’ve shared your feedback with the team, thank you for sharing it!

I also wanted to ask if how you came across CodeSee? What prompted you to try us out?

Again, welcome to the community! :raised_hands:

Hi there. Thanks so much for trying our product, I’d be happy to help.
First, make sure that you are in edit mode and not viewer mode.

Once you are in edit mode, select the node that you want to make the note on. You should be able to see additional options in the floaty tool bar to add a note.

Next, you want to use the file browser or the visibility in the floaty tool bar to hide the nodes so that it’s less overwhelming.

Next for multi-select, the command is shift + click the mouse and the shift + click has to be OUTSIDE a directory to do multi-select.

That does seem like what Xstate does and both products can be use simultaneously. We love the folks there.

Please don’t hesitate if you have more questions.

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