Help mapping old delphi code

Hi folks;

I wonder if CodeSee could be a good solution for me.

I have monolythic old codebase ( DELPHI 5 ) and source files could be anything from 20 lines up to 15k lines of code.

There is software that analyses files and adds tags to the code and creates flows by analysing the code then give you visualisation of what happens where, and I imagine CodeSee is such a solution and thus wondering if it can help me map the flows of my files?

Sorry if thi is the wrong Q in wrong place. Would apreciate if you had ideas how to map such files…

Thank you.

Best Regards Berhan

Hey Berhan @berhank! Thank you for your question and I do apologize for the delayed response.

CodeSee can help you visualize your codebase (show file dependencies etc) but we do need additional information to set you up for success based on what you’ve mentioned (Delphi 5).

Do you have time this or next week to chat? My colleague, Danny, is available to make sure your questions are answered so you can properly evaluate CodeSee for your use! Here’s Danny’s calendar for easy booking: Calendly - Danny Bloomfield.