CodeSee is not updating the dependencies of my modules after creation of first map

After creation of first map, it does not update the dependencies of my modules in my code
Even if I try to create a new map, it does not show the map according to new code changes. It still shows the old map

My project contains Kotlin multiplatform modules

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Hey @rotbolt! :wave: Welcome to the CodeSee community!

Can I get a name of the repo? We’re not familiar with this particular issue and we want to investigate further.

Yeah sure this is GitHub repo: GitHub - RotBolt/Flaker: A flaky network simulator for your mobile app

Any update on this?

Hi @rotbolt!

We haven’t forgotten about your question, and I promise we’re on it. It might take a tad longer than usual, but we’re doing our best to get back to you with a solid answer. Thanks for bearing with us, and honestly, it’s awesome users like you who keep us going. :blush: